Giving an honest and bold insight into how I see and view the world is important to me and that of which I enjoy sharing. You are not going to get a sugar-coated article here or “fake news”. Instead, you will get facts about my life and things I see, hear, smell, taste, touch or the unexplained “sixth sense”.

I am first and foremost a storyteller through images, sometimes videos but have found recent enjoyment in supplementing my visual stories with words. I love capturing the world through my camera lens and that will never change but what has changed are the mediums in which I have at my fingertips and how creative I can get with them.

I have been secretly (not such a secret anymore now) diving into my GoPro and editing, which I love learning about, been picking up playing with audio and meshing it all together.

I am from a small town in Ohio, graduated from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh in Photography and have had wonderful mentors and opportunities along the way all of which have influenced my behavior and techniques.

Thanks stopping by and hope you come back often!