My right eye burned, it hurt. I felt as if I got something in it when I was putting up Christmas decorations. From flushing it out with cool water and putting cold compresses on it, it was driving me crazy and more importantly, it hurt a lot. Then a friend of mine told me what was wrong with it. I had gotten “Christmas Spirit” in it. I laughed so hard because she could not believe how much I was doing for Christmas this year and even though she was happy that I was not as blue feeling as I have been, we still had a good laugh over this.

It did not end with putting up my Christmas tree and it continued with making an outdoor porch decoration and putting up little white Christmas lights on my porch as well. Now I know what you may be thinking, that is normal for people this time of year. That is not my normal though as my normal has not once in my adult life consisted of outdoor decorations and most years it did not consist of putting up a Christmas tree.

My cause to the “Christmas Spirit” this year is that I have my property for sale and I want it to look cute, warm and welcoming. For someone to envision my home, their next home for the holidays.

Last year when I was cleaning out one of the buildings at the farm, I found several old wooden ladders of which I cut in half for projects at a later time. Maybe I caught this idea on Pinterest or somewhere online, but I knew I wanted to make this at some point for either myself at the farm or for someone as a gift. I went to Big Lots and got two pieces of garland ($20 and $10) and a short strand of lights ($3) and used my staple gun to fasten it on the ladder. I did not do anything to the ladder but sand the edges where it had been cut last year. After I had everything in place, I then spread out the garland a little to make it look soooo freakin’ pretty.

Materials Needed for: The Christmas Ladder Thingy

  • (1) half of a ladder of your choice – mine was maybe 6 ft. in length
  • Cheap garland(s) of your choice. I choose the green one and then a thinner red one so that it had a nice pop of Christmas color and that “spirit” that made my eye hurt so bad
  • (1) 50 strand of cheap white lights
  • A don’t give a shit attitude
  • Staple gun
  • A piece of sandpaper (I like the sandpaper sponges so I can hold onto them better)

Then while at Big Lots, I discovered a wreath there ($25) that matched the green garland I bought that was perfect for the door that the ladder decoration would be next to. I included the costs because I always thought this stuff was very expensive to do but to my surprise, not only was it easy, but affordable.

But wait! There’s more…after my adventure of garlands at Big Lots, I zipped over to Lowes and discovered that since it was Black Friday, they had a box of small white lights for $2.98 and I grabbed 3 boxes so that I could attach to the front porch. (everyone asks if they are twinkle light and no, they are not) Two boxes is all it took and it stretched out perfectly and both my ladder ornament and putting up lights did not feel as though it was a chore and it was easy with no frustration. Anytime I hear of people talking about putting up their holiday decorations, it seems so awful and a pain in the ass and never would I want that for myself. Merry freakin Christmas everyone from The McMullen’s.

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