Not a year went by that I did not receive a card from my parents on my birthday or Christmas and they were always classic and serious cards. Choosing greeting cards reflect the personality of that person picking it out and/or for whom it is being received by. Personally, I tend to go for the odd, funny ones that may be loud, obnoxious and over the top but also reflect something about who I am giving it to as well.

My parents always gave me the more serious cards and traditional ones which reflected their personalities. It has been ten years since my parents together handed me a greeting card. I never keep them, I looked at them, keep them up for a week or so and have always thrown them away. However, the year before my mom died, our last Christmas together, I kept the Christmas card they gave me. Maybe in the back of my head I knew it was going to be our last one. She passed away the following November at Cleveland Clinic after her heart valve transplant in which she ended up suffering a devastating stroke two days later.

Even though my dad lived about 9 years after my mother passed away, he would give me a card on my birthday but he was not the card type of guy, not even for my mother. He would get me gifts, lottery tickets, money and tell me he loved me, but never a card at Christmas. That was my mom’s thing from them both and always had been.

Each year, I put the Christmas card up on my table in my living room because it makes me believe that the are always there with me and reminds me of the love which I felt from them and for them. This year was no different. After I got my Christmas Tree and my other decorations up, I pulled out my last Christmas card from my parents and placed it on my table next to my couch. I truly believe in Christmas magic because of my parents and this card gives me that warm and fuzzy to do something nice for others this time of year in particular because that was the kind of people they were. This card reminds me that they were always there for me just like I am there for Lilly and Mia and how I was always there for my parents. This card also is a reminder not to cry at Christmas because my parents would not want me to be sad. I have very few sentimental items, but this is one of great value to me in my heart.

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