Ugly Fat Germs

It is sneaking around in places we can’t even see, transporting itself from one place to another and creeping up on us all and then it hits you like a ton of bricks. The flu season is upon us at the moment and one of the biggest ways of transportation for these ugly germs is handshaking. Not to mention hugging, sneezing, coughing and any close contact with another person but handshaking is at the top of my own list.

Most of us were raised that it is the polite and respectable way to great a new person or one business person to another. Even though you wash your hands, your hands have touched so many places possibly between the time you washed your hands to the time you shake someone else’s hand and you have no idea what germs they have on them. If you are in a business meeting, it is highly unlikely that you have shaken a person’s hand and immediately washed your hands. Instead, you shook hands, sat down for maybe an hour and gave those fat, ugly germs time to invade your body and try to take you down. You possibly have had eaten a snack and drank something.

I am going to try to stop myself from shaking anyone’s hand this flu season in hopes that it helps slow down spreading the flu and maybe even help me not get it as well. When someone puts their hand out to shake mine, I am going to simply and politely say that I am trying to prevent spreading the flu virus and not shaking hands this flu season. It is not just about doing what I can from getting sick, but others such as people who have a compromised immune system such as those battling disease and the elderly. Even a healthy person can contract a nasty flu strand and die. Of course that is less common, but everyone still needs to be very aware and careful.

The other way to help prevent the flu from being passed around is to make sure you have received your flu vaccine. I have been getting one now for six years and I have been less sick than in the past with the flu virus except for this year I became extremely sick. There are hundreds of flu strands and the CDC compiles a vaccine in which they think will be the most common strands to be protected from. The biggest misconception is that “you will get the flu if you get the flu shot” and that is simply not true. You can still get sick yes, but getting the vaccine is not guaranteeing you are getting it now. You can however, get flu-like symptoms such as slightly achy and tired which I tend to experience.

Don’t only think of yourself, but think of others as well and stop shaking hands and get your flu vaccine please. The human race thanks you in advance.

Here is the link to the CDC where you can get in-depth information and facts about the vaccine.