Along with the 44 acre farm that I inherited, were two donkeys which I kept working on my dad to buy sometime when he was at the livestock sale. Actually, I wanted a few mini donkeys and he called me one day to tell me he bought a pair of donkeys. I was over the moon thrilled to hear this. They were going to be delivered on Sunday and so of course I wanted to be there for their arrival. There was my dad and I standing at the barn anxiously awaiting as we seen the trailer coming down the road. The guy driving the truck and trailer backs up, I look in, see the donkeys, look at my dad and he says, “well they looked small from the top of the bleachers.”. Two full sized donkeys and so adorable.

They are both jackasses so I decided to name them doctors. Dr. Cliff and Dr. Bob and they are the cutest donkeys ever. With trying to sell my farm and make sure they were okay, I knew the right thing to do was to find them a good home where they could again be with cattle. Did you know they are great for watching over calves and warning away coyotes?! Through a work connection at a local printer, a woman I knew said that her brother was interested in them and the thought of seeing them leave would make me cry. He came for them and it was the easiest process as they were calm and followed me into the trailer with no real issues because they trusted me. Since last May, I have cared for them, loved them, worked with them and became someone they could trust. Seeing them leave was easier because they were so calm and happy. They probably miss their 2 donkeys treats a day but they are happy, I just know it.

Over this past weekend, I was able to visit them for the first time since they left my farm and I was not sure if I was going to cry all of the way there and back or be happy they are happy, but it was such a fun time seeing them and I am pretty such Cliff and Bob remembered me and was happy to see me. Bob was always standoffish with me but Cliff was my little love bug donkey and always such a good boy. I used to kiss and hug him, scratch his ears, brush him and sometimes I would go down to the barn and sit with him. He would lean up against me as I scratched him and he would half fall asleep. I do not think he could had been happier. My visit was short, but it was good enough for them and myself. I am so grateful to my friend, Nancy for taking me to her the place her brother has the donkeys in with the cattle.

I gave Cliff a big hug just like before and gave him tons of kisses and I am convinced that Dr. Bob just laughs at us.

Dr. Bob wanted to say but at a distance.

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