Eating healthy when addicted to sugar and carbs is very difficult. I try like hell to put forth my best effort and some days are better than others and I am sure that is like that for everyone. My therapist is also on the “get healthy train” and brought these energy balls in and I tried one and they were very good. I have gained a bit of weight due to being in a depressed slump for over a year and I am taking baby steps to feel better. I looked up a recipe that sounded good and I made two dozen or so and they were so delicious. 

However, I will note that just last week I attempted to make them again and sort of “wing it” with ingredients and they were super dry. So my advice: Don’t wing it. I hate making them though. I have my hands in the mixture and it is a damn mess. I really am not a fan and trying to come up with another way to form these together so that I do not have to touch them because it grosses me out. 

Note: I hate semi-sweet chocolate chips, so I sprinkled in milk chocolate chips to give me that sweet flavor but not too much.

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