Animals Share this Planet Too

If animals could talk what would they tell us? Would they give us advice, do they have the answers to the world / life? Do they hate people? Do they wish they had something they don’t have? What would they say if they could speak?

Koko the Gorilla who was able to utilize sign language to communicate recently died but animals in general can’t just tell us what the feel, think or even need. However, too many people dismiss animals for being stupid because “they are JUST an animal”, and think they don’t have their own feelings or thoughts because they in fact can’t hear them.

For years, I have always said if you just stop, just stop everything in the world from getting inside of your head while you are in the company of animals that you may be able to hear them if you want to listen. Now, I am not crazy but what what I mean is that if you pay attention to their behavior, their personality and give a shit, just a little bit more they may speak volumes.

Sometimes they don’t have a lot to communicate and this Sable Antelope was just grabbing a snack along the way as she said hello but was caught off guard with her snack hanging out of her mouth.


Stop. Enjoy the animals that we have on this planet. They are not for your entertainment, but we all coexist. Be their friend and someone they can trust, not someone who has ill intentions and do not care about them. Even if you are currently working with animals, ask yourself each day that if what you are doing is good enough for them. Are you going above and beyond your duties to ensure they are happy because happiness and health is everything. Start giving a shit, as that would be a great start.