Sunshine Hope

Grey skies, snow and icy roads make for some dreary days in Ohio during Winter months and every now and again it is nice to feel the warmth on your face, see color and even feel color to help those Winter blues. After a run of lots of snow the last month it was time to head to the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens for a bit of hope that one day, Summer will reappear this year.

Through March 4, 2018 they have their Orchid show on display with an array of color, shape and sizes. This was my first trip to this conservatory and one thing that I must admit was how peaceful and serene it was the entire time. Children were quite as they admired the flowers and plants they were exploring and many adults had their journals and looked content.

Flora and Fauna are not really my thing, but photography sure is and I had a really enjoyable time seeing patterns, shapes, colors and lines through my camera.


Some plants reminded me of flowers or plants I have seen at stores while I was shopping for plants that I hoped that I would not kill at my own house. I think part of me took photos of flowers and plants that I have once had or they reminded me of those I did in fact keep alive for some time.


There were plants that I have killed that hardly anyone kills, the cactus. Usually I am asked if I watered it too much and I can’t really tell you, but all I can tell you is that they are real pricks to deal with while trying to keep alive.


One of the last types of Orchids I photographed looked like they were a group of very pretty, delicate ladies singing in a choir.

On that note, I must admit that my visit to the conservatory was refreshing. It reminded me that there will be color again outside, that the snow will melt and the sun will shine once again.

Holding on to hope…