Let’s Talk About Socks Baby

How could they not have a mate?

There is a laundry basket in my bathroom closet, a second basket in my bedroom closet and a third basket in the basement by the washer and dryer. All under one roof and for just myself. Every time I go to the basement, I take any of my dirty laundry to a laundry sorter I have next to my washer.

Every few days, I take all of my dirty laundry downstairs and place in the appropriate section of the sorter and ready for the washer. So far, so good, right?!

When I have enough for a load of laundry I put all of the clothes in the washer with favorite laundry soap, I close the lid and then I leave the washer alone to clean my clothes. Right here could be the issue. The washer is unsupervised and I think it could be eating my socks and taking the dissolved fabric down the drain with the soapy water. Not so fast! There is another step. The dryer. The dryer could possibly be eating them. Holy Shit!

After the washer turns my clothes into wonderful smelling clean clothes, I then grab them by the hand fulls and throw them into the dryer along with a fresh dryer sheet, close the door and press the on button. I go upstairs, again leaving the dryer unsupervised and I finish some chores. I’ve now counted four times where the socks are being left unsupervised.

I’m always excited to feel the warmth of my clothes fresh out of the dryer and smelling clean. I don’t know how you do it but as I sort through my warm clothes, I put all of my socks in a pile to match after I hang my shirts and fold pants.

I match my white socks, my black socks and then also my wintery and colored socks. On any given laundry day as I sit there on the floor staring at lonely socks, hoping their mates show up and I wonder who ate my socks. I go down to check the floor of the basement, the steps, the closets and only to find that I can’t find the missing mate. How could my washer or dryer do that to me?

Who eats your socks?