A Social Sort of Detox

I did it. I really did it. I finally disconnected from Facebook and deactivated my account. Over the last year I have had a lot of negative things happen through this massive social media platform and then my dad passed away. It seemed as if my depression got worse and every time I opened Facebook, it was nothing but negative posts including my own negativity. Did I contract some sort of internet disease?  Did I did a vaccination for this? Why are others so immune to it? At any rate, I feel socially sick and I think the best cure is to step away from it.

I tried to unfollow certain “friends”, I tried my hardest to put my phone down, I tried to follow advice from so many who also felt that this social illness was upon them. Nothing worked and I even think quitting smoking was easier than trying to limit my activity an interaction on Facebook. It was all or nothing for me and nothing has to be the route I take on this social media detox.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some truly happy stories on Facebook. Just today there was a story about a Boxer whose human parent captured his funny expressions on camera and the images were cute. His “parent” is a photographer and I loved reading this cute short story that was displayed as a mixed media video on Facebook. I have met amazing circus performers who have become great friends to me and whom I miss when they are so far away. I have connected with zoo keepers that I have learned a lot about and connected with people who previously attended my Zumba classes. I love seeing cute videos of Fiona the famous Hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo that was born premature but has a happy success story. I especially love to see where people are actually kind to each other. I will say that my favorite feature of this social platform is finding out about events in areas that I enjoy and I liked following the news as it was able to provide “happening now” news. There is as many great features about Facebook as there are negative but the amount of negative posts is what was bringing me down the most.

For now, this is day one of my social detox of Facebook. I still plan to post to Instagram because I am a visual person and I like seeing other people’s photos of things loved.

11/16/18 Update: I have socially detoxed myself from Facebook multiple times sine this post. I can’t deal with the hate for animals, abuse of animals and all of the negativity, as it just gets too much at times.