Life Is Not Over for Magazines

There was always something so fascinating about the back of the bookstore (not THAT back of the bookstore, get your mind out of the gutter) where hundreds of magazines were stacked against each other. Fifteen years ago when I was at the bookstore, there were a lot of publications but not near as many as there are today. Anywhere from Star Trek to Modern Cat, if it were your hobby or interest then there is a magazine for it. Even if you are seeking a new hobby, this section could very well be where you get inspiration.

My friend was seeking a puzzle book and I headed in with her and I found myself yet again to the back of the bookstore just staring at the titles and covers of all of these glossy magazines. As I was walking away from the magazine rack, I looked at my friend and said, “Who buys magazines anymore?!”. I see this as a dying breed because there is so much online content, granted some you have to pay for. She quickly responds, “I do! I enjoy something in my hand, something I can flip through and look at.”. She has a point, there is something to be said for a hard-copy. I suppose I am simply shocked that there were so many magazines since newspapers keep diminishing and online content is gaining such great popularity.

Growing up my favorite magazines were Vogue and National Geographic. For those of you reading this and know me well, may be shocked that Vogue was one of my favorites. But it really was because growing up I never could decided if I wanted to be a model or a photographer. I would cut out models photos and hang them on my bedroom door, on Saturday’s I would get out my sketch pad and colored pencils and sketch up new fashion designs from plaids to big over -the-top dresses. Then when I was not watching runway shows or dreaming of being in the fashion industry I was flipping through my newest National Geographic where I would wish I could go to these places they mentioned and take these pictures. I would often think how fun it would be to get a publication in the mail with MY photo which I took was on the front cover. Nat Geo was full of bright colors and interesting looking people.

I am not a model, nor a National Geographic Photographer but life is not over yet.