There Is Weird, Then There is RandyLand

Social media can show you the world if you want and sometimes it draws you to to places which you have never been. A few people I know had posted images on Instagram from their visit to Randyland so back in October while visiting friends in Pittsburgh, I simply had to visit Randyland.

Located in the Mexican War Streets of the North Side, it is this vibrant, outdoor art gallery of sorts. Murals, painted heads, mirrors, sand with fake spiders and anything else you can imagine is there. You could visit several times and see something different.

randy3The creator, Randy Gilson bought the property with a credit card and nearly everything in Randy Land is painted. I feel like right now I should say, “If you paint it, they will come” and visitors flock to it out of curiosity.

Most people think of sports when they think of Pittsburgh and I do not know if it is because I am a graduate of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and enjoy the cultural and artistic side of Pittsburgh but art is what I think of when I think of the “burgh”. There are many museums to visit and most offer numerous free days for the public and special, fun events. Not everything “artsy” is weird, but this place is, well…weird.