Sometimes I Can Cook

Cooking seems like one of things that time should not be wasted on and I never could understand how anyone thinks it is enjoyable but my mother loved to cook. Exploring new recipes and making things from scratch was something she found enjoyable and was quite great at. My dad and I were always the ones to test her new recipes out and thankfully she was a superb cook.

I never liked to cook, but then found it to be somewhat enjoyable to seek out new recipes to try. Most of the time I have been quite successful as I should if I am following a recipe, right?! During this cold bitter last week we have had in Southeastern Ohio, I have found myself at home trying to keep warm and decided to make a roast with some veggies in the crock-pot and sticky rice with mango. I hated to get out from under my cozy, warm electric blanket but my belly said something different.

What a Crock

This actually went shockingly well and I did not follow any recipe. I thawed out a roast, stewoh wait, it was not a roast but I can’t remember what the cut of meat was. Anyhow, I browned it in a pan with a dash of salt and pepper and put it in the crock-pot with some carrots, beef broth and some herbs. Just look at those pretty herbs! Set the crock-pot on low and in about 6 hours I had a very delicious meal. Really. It was quite tasty.



Sticky Trash

During my recent trip to Thailand, I discovered that sticky rice with mango and coconut milk was a must have in my life. I bought a rice cooker, five pounds of “sticky rice”, ripe mango and a few cans of coconut milk. I looked online for recipes and found none were stickyalike and this left me very confused.

Well in short, it looks “OK” in the photo, but it tasted nothing like what I had in Thailand and I was so disappointed. I soaked the rice which I think I am not going to do when I try this again. The rice was so sticky that it was a big round brick of carbs. Until the next attempt…