Be the Glitter Someone Else May Need

 A series of events often bring us to unexpected places in our lives. My father passed away in July of 2017 and months later I found myself in grief counseling. I went into this group with very little expectations and I put myself behind a wall because no way was I going to make friends or like any of these people but the bereavement counselor was so helpful to me during my father’s time in the nursing home, that I at least was going because I told her I would go.

Grief makes us act certain ways that are not typical of our character and when there is a little glitter in those moments, it really catches your attention. That is what happened on the very first day of grief counseling. All of us were sad, but there was a special lady sitting next to me who showed up on the day of her and her husbands what would had been anniversary. Even though we were strangers, I knew right then and there that we were sitting next to each other for a reason.

We ran into each other at a local store one day and it was like seeing an old friend. Big smiles and a friendly hug. I was glad to see her, I really was. It was just about an hour from one of our sessions as we were both in there killing some time. When we seen each other during our group session she mentioned she had this beautiful nativity scene and that if anyone wanted to see it, she then explained where it was located.

Christmas was especially difficult for all of us and even those not in our group possibly dealing with the struggles of missing a loved one this year. I wanted to do something really special for her because I felt like she needed some “glitter” to catch her eye in her life. That little sparkle. So I secretly went to her apartment complex to photograph her nativity scene. Bundled up, I was sneaking around the bushes and trying so hard not to be noticed, especially by her. I am guessing by now she has heard that someone with a large camera was snooping around the bushes taking pictures of her nativity scene. At this very moment that I write this story, I have yet to be able to give her the photo I took because she has been sick but will update you on her reaction when I do give it to her.

I actually found that by doing this for her, that it helped cheer me up and not be so bitter about the holiday. My parents was always doing something nice for others for Christmas and it is how I was raised. It does not have to be Christmas, but it has made me realize that every holiday has a piece of glitter in it shining if we want it to.

11-16/18 Update: The friend I made which I took photos of her Nativity scene has used the image to make Christmas cards and I am anxious to see them. Stay tuned for a photo of them next month.