Changing the Landscape But Never the Memories

The scenery for the residents across the street on North Eighth Street Road in Cambridge is now that of a much different one. One which leaves a bitter taste in mouths of long time residents.

Growing up, my childhood friends and I would play in the woods across from our homes, it gave us this wonderful place to pretend and play. From moving branches to build forts to chasing each other, it was a fun place to be. Our parents would be yelling for us to come home for dinner or because it was getting too dark, but we knew every inch of those woods. One of my fondest of memories is my father and I walking over there and finding a pine tree seedling that was just about five inches tall. We decided to pull it from the earth and take it home to plant near our mailbox.

Now looking in the direction of the woods with the changing landscape, you now can see the Cambridge City schools which used to be my grandparents farm where I spent most of my childhood. I remember joking around with people saying that if the trees were cut down, I could wave to my Grandparents sitting on their porch awaiting the mail but I never dreamed how sad it would be if I could actually do that.

The City of Cambridge owns this property and sold the tinder to lumber companies and in turn received hefty checks. Making a mess out of what people thought was beautiful and sacrificing their happiness and the wildlife, I am not sure is worth it but the City of Cambridge did not ask area residents to remark on the plan of which they had.

When talking to the neighbors I have known my entire life, they express such sadness of the changing landscape. One neighbor saying that it looked like a “damn war zone”. These people are older now and have lived there for at least thirty-five years and I am sure they never thought that their scene out of the living room window would be so different.