Rescued by a dog named, Mia.

Thankfully, I was rescued by a puppy at the Guernsey County Dog Shelter when I was not even seeking a dog, nor a puppy for that matter. All while I was there volunteering and it was one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

I was asked by the dog warden to bring this puppy in the office for her initial round of vaccinations as she had just arrived into the shelter the night before. I was disgusted by the fact how many dogs did not have forever homes and now here I am again about to see this poor puppy without a forever family. One look is all it took and there I was, rescued by a dog named Mia. Although that name did not originally settle with me, I cannot imagine her with a different name. A volunteer named Lou and his wife Barb fostered her for me over the next month until I moved to an apartment where we could live happily ever after. I moved for a dog, but it certainly was not just any dog because it was my best friend.

She has brought comfort on my darkest of days through the passing of my mother six years ago, conflicts which I cried many of days and nights about work and the recent passing of my father this summer. She and I are so in tune with one another that she calms me when I start to have anxiety attacks and plays a big role in my mental health. I in turn play a huge role in her life for when she is nervous and scared, I help calm her down too. We needed each other.

Amish country adventures with Lou and Barb on their anniversary.

Not only did I discover my best furry friend, but out of this I am lucky to have such great friends who have became like family to me. From Amish country adventure to many laughs at their home, I am lucky to call Lou and Barb (and all of their almost 20 doggy friends) my friends and my family. Sometimes I feel like they also rescued me.

Now seven years later, we are living at the farm which I have inherited from my father. She has a fenced in yard here and I am so happy to have her here with me because I am not sure how I could endure recent events without her by my side. What animals comfort you?