My right eye burned, it hurt. I felt as if I got something in it when I was putting up Christmas decorations. From flushing it out with cool water and putting cold compresses on it, it was driving me crazy and more importantly, it hurt a lot. Then a friend of mine told me what

Last year after I returned from Thailand, my friends, Lou and Barb came over to visit my home for the first time and Barb brought me a thoughtful housewarming gift. They were barely in my home and Barb let out a gasp and said, “Where is your Christmas tree?” and at that very moment I

If animals could talk what would they tell us? Would they give us advice, do they have the answers to the world / life? Do they hate people? Do they wish they had something they don’t have? What would they say if they could speak? Koko the Gorilla who was able to utilize sign language